Computer jigsaw puzzles

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition is relaxing jigsaw puzzle game with a collection of 100+ puzzles.

Intricate pieces are shaped after the fashion of antique jigsaw puzzles. Each piece can have up to 9 neighbors rather than usual 4 which makes playing quite a challenge.

You are able to change the number of pieces, to choose one of 4 shape styles, the most interesting of which is the Figure style. Rotation of pieces can be on or off as well as the picture frame.

To make playing convenient, you can use two main windows and four pockets for storing and arranging pieces. Select a group of pieces to move or arrange them quickly. The Magnifying Glass is usable for examining small jigsaw pieces.

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition screenshots

Bubble jigsaw shapes and a magnifying glass

Pinwheel jigsaw shapes and a picture frame

Figure jigsaw shapes

Curl jigsaw shapes and a pocket window

Download Astra Jigsaw Art Edition

Download extra jigsaws

The jigsaw collection includes 100 large jigsaw puzzles (you can see it below).

To download the jigsaws:

Run Astra Jigsaw on your computer.

Click the button on the top panel.

Choose a jigsaw in the thumbnails list.

Click the Download button.

Enter your registration code in the dialog box.

Registering Astra Jigsaw Art Edition

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $14.