Computer jigsaw puzzles

The third collection of 100 masterpiece paintings for your enjoyment!

Astra Jigsaw Art III includes 100 fascinating unique-styled computer jigsaw puzzles. For each puzzle you can choose seven different styles of pieces and smoothly change the number of pieces from 40 to 2700. In the most challenging style named Figure the pieces are shaped as animals, birds, insects, fruits and other objects.

This creative game is good both for kids and adults. To make a puzzle easier to play, add the picture frame and turn off the rotation of pieces.

To manage a vast number of pieces, you can use two main windows and four pockets. Select a group of pieces to move or neatly arrange them at once. To examine small pieces, use the Magnifying Glass. To make jigsaw more realistic, choose the visual effects.

Astra Jigsaw Art III Screenshots

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Registering Astra Jigsaw Art III

Astra Jigsaw Art III is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $14.