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Astra Gift Maker is a free tool for creating stand-alone jigsaw puzzles out of arbitrary images (family pictures, images downloaded from the Internet, etc.). Create a jigsaw puzzle and email it to your friends or publish it on your web page.

No additional software is required to put such a puzzle together: everything is included in the puzzle itself. Yet the puzzles come out compact and suitable for distribution.

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What's new in version 1.2

The congratulation message can be edited now.

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Version 1.2
Release date November 1, 2010
System requirements Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7
File astra-giftmaker10.exe (1.11 Mb)

Download free sample jigsaws

cat_on_bench (397 Kb)

selous_grand_canal (414 Kb)

old_farm_house (432 Kb)

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