Two-sided mosaic puzzle

Game Description

BigMosaic is a logic game similar to jigsaw puzzles.

The goal is to make up two mosaic pictures from rectangular two-sided tiles. You can rotate tiles, turn them upside down and change over any two tiles. You are able to assemble both pictures separately or mix their tiles to make a task more difficult.

To make it even more difficult, you can choose the mode when you see only the active tile and the tiles already solved. The tiles size and shape depend on your wish (number of tiles is up to 1600). The game can be saved.

The full version includes a collection of more than 90 extra puzzles made of professional photos or famous paintings, and a MosMake utility for making your own puzzles.

Version 3.1
Release Date December 2, 2008
System requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10
Download mosaic30.exe (1.92 Mb)

Game Screenshot

Features available for registered users

MosMake - a simple utility to create your own mosaics.

Registering BigMosaic

Registration fee The registration includes:
$14.95 More than 90 extra puzzles
MosMake utility for making your own puzzles
All the next versions of BigMosaic (with pictures and utilities)

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