Free jigsaw for BigJig

Please bookmark the mirror Lena Games site:

This jigsaw puzzle is replaced by a new one every week.

Also goes as one-sided puzzle for BigMosaic!

Download the jigsaw and run it to unpack.

If the exe file alarms your Windows Defender, then download the unpacked jigsaw:
All sets of jigsaws

New Game!

Astra Jigsaw Art VI

The sixth collection of 100 masterpiece paintings.

Windows and Mac OS versions are available.

New App!

Tree Notebook

A tree notes organizer for Windows and iOS, that features:

  • notes and folders with attributes and attachments,
  • strong encryption,
  • synchronizing with an iOS counterpart without a proxy server,
  • manual and automatic sorting,
  • quick searching,
  • history and bookmarks.

BigPatience Update!

Windows version 5.1.2

  • Bug fixed: Sound played even if turned off