Free jigsaw for BigJig

Please bookmark the mirror Lena Games site:

This jigsaw puzzle is replaced by a new one every week.

Also goes as one-sided puzzle for BigMosaic!

Download the jigsaw and run it to unpack.


To play the free jigsaw, move the .jg6 file into the My Documents \ Lena Games \ BigJig folder.

If there is NO such path on your PC:

  1. Upgrade BigJig to version 8.32 - download and install bigjig80.exe.
  2. Launch BigJig on your PC and wait until you see the Open Jigsaws dialog.
  3. Close BigJig.
  4. Move the .jg6 file to the My Documents \ Lena Games \ BigJig folder.
  5. Launch BigJig again and select BigJig Home in the Games Home drop-down list.
All sets of jigsaws

New Game!

Astra Jigsaw Art VII

Enjoy the seventh collection of 100 masterpiece paintings!

Windows and MacOS versions are available.

New Update!


Jigsaw puzzle game for Windows

  • Updated: If a set on the Lena Games site was updated, tries to re-download it
  • Fixed: First jigsaw in every set was not downloaded

New Update!


Card solitaire games for Windows and MacOS

  • Added: The Games list shows statistics in the Choose dialog
  • Added: Use the Spacebar to deal cards from the Stock
  • Added: Use the Spacebar to click the Deal button
  • Updated: Confirms starting a new game
  • MacOS version: MacOS Sonoma supported.

New Update!

Added: synchronization with Android devices.

Tree Notebook

A tree notes organizer for Windows, iOS and Android, that features:

  • notes and folders with attributes and attachments,
  • strong encryption,
  • synchronizing with an iOS or Android counterpart without a proxy server,
  • manual and automatic sorting,
  • quick searching,
  • history and bookmarks.