BigMosaic Versions History

+ added feature
* improvement/modification
! bug fixed

Version 3.1 (02.12.2008)
+ Can open Astra Jigsaw puzzles
* Vista compatible now

Version 3.01 (31.03.2001)
* Move visible choosing of tiles size
! No rotating and turning tiles in "Show all tiles" mode

Version 3.0 (24.03.2001)
+ New mode of playing. In the Solved Only mode, you see only
the active tile and tiles which are already at their places
+ Downloading puzzles from Lena Games site
* Specifying arbitrary sizes of tiles
* Rotating and turning tiles by clicking and dragging inside it
+ BigJig v6.0 puzzles (*.jg6 files) accepted as one-side mosaics

Version 2.0
Intermediate working version

Version 1.04 (03.08.1999)
+ BigJig free puzzles (*.jg4 files) accepted as one-side mosaics
+ The game can be launched by double-clicking a .mzk or .mzs file
* A non-free puzzle can bring up "Register BigMosaic" window
! Requirements to enter the registration code more than once

Version 1.03 (28.04.1999)
* Graphic interface

Version 1.02 (19.03.1999)
! Some access violations

Version 1.01 (25.02.1999)
+ Double-sided tiles

Version 1.00 (03.02.1999)
Original version