Aribert Solitaire


The game begins with dealing 48 cards to the tableau, arranged as 12 stacks of four cards each. The first rows of cards are dealt face down, the next — face up, the third row is face down, the last row — face up. The remaining cards form the stock.


The object of the game is to build down by alternate color 8 tableau columns running from Ace to Two, and to remove all of them to the foundation.


You can build tableau columns down by alternate color. When building tableau piles, you can move one card or a block of cards forming the tableau sequence.

In Figure, you can place 9 on 10, and move both these cards to J.

If a tableau space is created, you can fill it with the Ace or a tableau sequence starting from Ace. If there are no free Aces or such sequences, clicking the stock deals cards only to the empty spaces. Otherwise, cards are dealt to all piles, except piles ending with the free Aces or Aces followed by the tableau sequences.

After you have built the whole sequence running from Ace to Two, drag the Ace and drop the sequence to the foundation.