Program version 2.1


Game Description

Five checkers-like games, including three variations of common checkers (English, International, and Russian), Losing Checkers and Alquerque (the oldest checkers game ever known).

You can choose three levels of skill for computer opponent or play with a friend. With the Undo command and the Game Record list, you can take back your moves
or return to any of previous moves. To easily find a move where you have made a mistake, you can look all the game from the very beginning as a cartoon. The game can be saved to continue playing afterwards.

Those who like beautiful graphics have an opportunity to choose the board and checkers design.

Release Date November 27, 2018
System requirements Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10
Download fcheck20d.exe (878 Kb)


Click the thumbnail to view the Alquerque screenshot

Features for registered users

Download full game version

The full FineCheckers version includes:
  • Proffi level of difficulty;
  • Ability to save and load the games;
  • Extra graphics (see examples below).

Download the file fcheck20.exe (1,06 Mb)

After the security box appears, enter your registration login and password.

To avoid errors when entering your login and password, I recommend to use the copy-and-paste method.

Extra Graphics (included in the full version)

The coins2 checkers recommended with the mar-black board.
The flame checkers recommended with the wood-light board.
The plasma checkers recommended with the mar-brown board.
The spheres checkers recommended with the wood-red board.


Registering FineCheckers

FineCheckers is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $14.95.

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