Jigsaw puzzle game for Pocket PC

Game Description

Play jigsaw puzzles on your Pocket PC!

You can change the number of pieces in puzzle by choosing pieces size.

You can choose out of eight shape styles: Classic, Modern, Curl, Artistic, Bony, Scrappy, Distorted, and Spriggy.

The puzzle can have a plain or shaped frame. Or you can choose the edgeless pieces style to encrease the difficulty.

You can play with or without pieces rotation.

There are two windows to store and arrange pieces.

You can move pieces with just two taps to save you screen from scratching.

After registration, you will get the set of more than 200 extra jigsaw puzzles made of professional photos and famous paintings.

You will also get Pocket JigMake - a utility to create your own pocket jigsaws and to easily manage them on device.

Version 2.11
Release Date October 21, 2009
System requirements Windows Mobile, QVGA / VGA screen
Download pjig20.exe (986 Kb)


Napoleon's Tomb solitaire game

Distorted pieces with shaped frame

Selecting a game

Small pieces

Free Cell solitaire game

Spriggy pieces

Klondike solitaire game

Scrappy pieces

Chinese solitaire game

Curl pieces with wooden edge

Customizing game rules

Selecting a game

Features available for registered users

Full jigsaw puzzle collection


15 jigsaws

Animals 2

20 jigsaws


21 jigsaw

Cats 2

21 jigsaw


21 jigsaw

Christmas 2

21 jigsaw


23 jigsaws

Country 2

23 jigsaws


24 jigsaws

Carl Larsson

20 jigsaws


28 jigsaws


28 jigsaws


Old Postcards

23 jigsaws


Old Postcards 2

23 jigsaws

Pocket JigMake
Pocket JigMake - a simple jigsaw puzzle maker.


PocketJig only works on devices under Windows Mobile. If you are looking for a jigsaw puzzle game for Desktop computers, please visit the BigJig page.

Registering PocketJig

PocketJig distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $14.95. After registration you are able to download the set of more than 200 extra jigsaw puzzles.

You can register on-line on the site of Register Now! by clicking the big oval button below. To register, you can use a credit card, a PayPal account, cheque, money order, wire transfer and some other methods. During the procedure you will be prompted to choose a payment method and provided with the necessary payment instructions.

Register OnLine

Credit card and PayPal are the fastest methods. Typically you receive your code right within the on-line registration procedure and, additionally, within 48 hours afterwards by email.