Card solitaire games for Windows Mobile-

Game Description Play card solitaire games on your Pocket PC!

What's in the game:

  • 50 selected solitaires, ranging from hard to easy, from popular to unique.
  • 4 decks, 20 backs of cards (more in the full version).
  • The detailed help and rules for every game.
  • Customizing game rules.
  • Multi-level undo.

Additional features:

  • You can move cards from place to place with just two taps to save your screen from scratching.
  • You can scroll the game window if a large pile of cards doesn't fit the screen.
  • The horizontal screen mode makes playing more comfortable.
  • The game supports both QVGA screen (320x240) and VGA screen (640 x 480).
Version 3.2
Release Date April 25, 2010
System Requirements Pocket PC, Strong ARM / XScale, QVGA / VGA screen
Supported OS Windows Mobile 2003,
Windows Mobile 2003 SE,
Windows Mobile 5,
Windows Mobile 6
Download psol30.exe (1,68 Mb)

Screenshots (Pocket PC with QVGA screen)

Klondike solitaire game

Klondike solitaire

Napoleon's Tomb solitaire game

Napoleon's Tomb solitaire

Free Cell solitaire game

Free Cell solitaire

Chinese solitaire game

Chinese solitaire

Selecting a game

Selecting a game

Customizing game rules

Customizing game rules

Screenshots (Pocket PC with VGA screen)

Gothic Castle solitaire game

Gothic Castle solitaire

(click to enlarge)

Klondike solitaire game

Klondike solitaire

(click to enlarge)

Pyramid solitaire game

Pyramid solitaire

(click to enlarge)

PocketSol solitaires collection


Download full game version

psol30f.exe (2,76 Mb)

To download the file, click the link.

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Registering PocketSol

PocketSol is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $12. This is a one-time fee, which includes the next PocketSol upgrades. After registration you will get the login and password for the full game version with extra decks and graphics.

You can register on-line on the site of Register Now! by clicking the big oval button below. To register, you can use a credit card, a PayPal account, cheque, money order, wire transfer and some other methods. During the procedure you will be prompted to choose a payment method and provided with the necessary payment instructions.

Register OnLine

Credit card and PayPal are the fastest methods. Typically you receive your code right within the on-line registration procedure and, additionally, within 48 hours afterwards by email.

PocketSol Review:

Review by JAMM

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