Program version 2.01

Game Description SokoMan is a logical game similar to the famous Sokoban. The goal of the game is to move the boxes inside a labyrinth to the special places and to make as few moves and pushes as possible. The best results are automatically written to the High Scores Table together with their solutions that you can see afterwards as cartoons.

The distribution package contains 10 free original levels ranging from the very simple to the very difficult. After registration you will get the first set of 50 original levels. Afterwards you are supposed to get the following sets of levels, each set containing 50 new levels. Besides, you'll get the possibility to create your own levels and edit them.

The registered users have the challenging possibility to take part in the World competition at the Lena Games site. The unique feature of SokoMan is that registered users can download the Table of World Records and auto play the solution for any record.

Release Date February 10, 2002
System requirements Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Download sokoman20.exe (630 Kb)


Table of world records
View the table of results in SokoMan world competition!

To beat a record, solve the level with less efforts.

You can autoplay any record solution on your PC!

  Table of records for Set 01
  Table of records for Set 02
  Table of records for Set 03
  Table of records for Set 04

Features for registered users

Download full sets of levels
set01.exe - Set 01 (50 levels)

set02.exe - Set 02 (50 levels)

set03.exe - Set 03 (50 levels)

set04.exe - Set 04 (50 levels)

Download the file and run it to unpack.

Download all SokoMan records

Download the file and run it to unpack.

To autoplay the solution:

  1. Run SokoMan
  2. Choose Game > World records
  3. Select a record in the table
  4. Press "Play solution" button

Registering SokoMan

SokoMan is distributed as shareware. The registration fee is $12.